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Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

The technical and structural assessment of properties helps buyers, vendors and portfolio/asset managers to assess the chances and risks of proposed transactions. The condition of the building fabric, fire safety, building services and landscaping is investigated to estimate the cost of maintenance, servicing, modernisation or retrofit.


ES conducts Technical Due Diligence throughout Europe for various types of usages regardless of whether it's existing buildings, new build or project development. Follow up services based on the TDD are for example construction and project monitoring as well as analysis of building damages. In addition, we do energy efficiency consulting and Green Building certification.


Specifically for portfolio transactions, we provide additional strategic consulting and organise European-wide technical and environmental due diligence processes.




We will assist our clients with their project development of both new and existing buildings by providing cost, schedule and construction monitoring. We will make sure that the requirements are fulfilled on time. Monitoring will encompass partaking at regular jour-fixe meetings together with designers and contractors to document the progress of construction and determine whether specifications, deadlines and targets are being met. Where necessary we will analyse any economically relevant changes and give appropriate advice. In addition, we will check detailed design and as-built records for compliancy with contract specifications. If required we take care of deficiencies and implement existing warranties.


The assessment of building damages is based on expert principals and is required for example in cases of third party liability. Subsequent to determining the source of the deficiency and the extent of the damages, we will develop a strategy for remediation. The assessment of building damages may contribute to the settlement of a liability and ultimately avoid legal action.


The environmental due diligence helps buyers, vendors and portfolio/asset managers to assess the chances and risks of proposed transactions. The expert investigation encompasses the assessment of building contaminants, water supply, wastewater discharge, storage of hazardous substances, emissions, mould, radon, engineering geology and soil & groundwater impacts. We also offer our clients follow up services such as contaminated land survey and indoor environmental quality assessment. If necessary, we will provide a remedial strategy.


ES conducts environmental due diligence throughout Europe for various types of usages regardless of whether existing buildings, new build or project development are concerned.


Specifically for portfolio transactions, we provide additional strategic consulting and organise European-wide technical and/or environmental due diligence processes.



Building Contaminants and
Contaminated Land

We can assess the presence of building contaminants such as asbestos, PCB or mould within your building and draw up a building contaminant register as well as provide a remedial strategy. The development of the remedial strategy is based on precise hazard assessment and focuses on balancing technical efficiency with available economic resources.


Regarding soil & groundwater, we provide expert contaminated land surveys and create where required remedial strategies. The development of a remedial strategy will take both the technical requirements and the economics into consideration.


The contaminated land surveys will be based on existing German law and regulations i.e. Bundes-Bodenschutzgesetz (BBodSchG) and Bundes-Bodenschutz- und Altlastenverordnung (BBodSchV) and apply to all phases of investigation.



Indoor Environmental Quality
(Ambient Air, Domestic Water Supply…)

We advise our clients on how to optimize indoor air quality and achieve a high level of user satisfaction within their buildings. Our approach takes the upcoming popular trends associated with Health & Wellbeing into account and may lead to certification in accordance with WELL if aspired by our clients.

Our services are based on the assessment of air quality, thermal and visual comfort as well as sojourn quality.


For operators of potable water supply systems we offer potable water investigations including analysis for legionella and other parameters in accordance with German regulations (i.e. TrinkwV).


Health & Safety Due Diligence

We will check the Health & Safety conditions and assess compliancy with fire safety regulations at your property. When required we will undertake risk analysis and develop a strategy to counteract deficiencies and optimize existing conditions.


Our assessment refers to the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001.

Sustainability Due Diligence

Sustainability Due Diligence is a method of determining the sustainability of a property. The assessment includes feasibility studies on whether or not a property is capable of being certified in accordance with BREEAM, LEED®, DGNB and WELL.


The review is based on the sustainability criteria commonly used on the market (e.g. energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, materials etc.). Taking the operational and life cycle costs of the property into consideration, we will make recommendations on how to optimize sustainability. If the client wishes, we will assist with their implementation.



Green Building Certification

Green Building certification has gradually become “the” standard for many real estate holders on the market. Regardless of whether existing buildings or new build we will certify the client’s property in accordance with the following systems:



 (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)



(BRE Environmental Assessment Method)



(Deutsches Gütesiegel für Nachhaltiges Bauen)


WELL Building Standard


In addition to performing a certification as a whole, we also provide associated services parallel to the ongoing certification process.

These are:

► The creation of building energy models in accordance ASHRAE 90.1-2010 with the program DesignBuilder. The software is recognised by the Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI).

►  Fundamental and enhanced commissioning for LEED® certification.

►  Assistance in developing self-declared environmental claims for environmental labelling of products (EPD in accordance with ISO 14021) as a criterion for green building certification.

►  Consulting of ecological construction aspects required for sustainability certificates.

► Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost Assessment.

Sustainability Management

Whether for a single building or a larger portfolio, we will develop sustainability strategies for our clients that establish an ongoing improvement process and proactively control related chances and risks. We will assist with the implementation of the strategy at fund management level, asset level, property management level and facility management level. In consultation with our client, we will either use systems such as GRI/CRESS that are already on the market or employ individual solutions adapted to specific requirements.


Going even further, in addition to sustainability management, we will also assist our clients with the application of the portfolio assessment system GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), which has become quite popular on the market. In cooperation with the client, we will mutually develop realistic targets within the GRESB framework and control implementation and reporting processes.



Energy Consulting

  Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

We create consumption and demand based EPCs in accordance with the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2014) for residential and non-residential buildings. The recommended optimization measures therein include a profitability study.


  Energy Efficiency Consulting

The scope of work within the field of Energy Efficiency Consulting includes a wide range of services. We help our clients with the purchase of energy by conducting macro and microanalysis.

We give advice on the development of company specific energy management and provide support when respective measures need to be implemented. Where required support will encompass preparation for an ISO 50001 audit. Similarly, we also perform energy audits in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1 and give assistance with the application of respective measures.


  Optimization of Energy Performance

Using an appropriate method such as energy auditing, sustainability due diligence or technical due diligence, we will draw up energy saving and / or emission reduction measures for your property. We will assist you with the implementation of the measures from start to finish and provide advice on design and performance issues. When requested we will investigate the success of the measures by taking measurements.


  Building Simulation

To test and validate energy strategies, we implement energy and thermal simulations. Using the DesignBuilder simulation program we are able to create energy models for example in accordance with ASHRAE 90.1. In addition to risk optimization for design processes, the simulations can be used as documentary proof when working with established Green Building certification systems (i.e. LEED®, DGNB und BREEAM).


Building Contaminants | Picture Data Base


MMMF ( Man-Made Mineral Fibres)

PAH (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)



PCB ( polychlorinated biphenyls)

Wood preservatives (PCP, Lindane, DDT)